The ACE EdVenture Programme was developed to offer our students an education which doesn't end when the classes do.
It is our mission to make real world education accessible and affordable to a much broader audience.

How We Began

Teacher, founder and managing director Anne Tham first got a glimpse of tertiary teaching in 1987 in her role as Head of English at a renowned private college in the Klang Valley. The distinct lack of both the academic skills as well as the necessary language capabilities required from students to succeed at the college level was readily apparent.

School leavers and graduates who can neither write nor speak English well are immediately at a disadvantage in university and working life. Having worked with Canadian lecturers in college, Anne Tham understood that fluent speakers and writers learn and grasp concepts differently.

Driven by the idea of being able to provide students with the essential foundations to learning, Anne Tham spearheaded the change by starting the ACE EdVenture Programme in 1995. The idea was to offer students the chance to learn the academic skills required to succeed on all levels as early as the primary years. By training students to be analytical thinkers and independent learners, we also empower them to be creative and self-confident individuals with the tools to excel at the next level.

What have we moved on to

 In 2007 we introduced our Math and Science Programme which was developed by director & principal Melinda Lim, an engineer by qualification. With an experience in teaching math for 20 years in secondary schools in Singapore, Melinda also saw the learning difficulties shown by students - specifically mathematical & scientific concepts - as an opportunity to provide a more enabling approach. Rather than focusing on memorizing & reciting, our Math & Science Programme focuses on students understanding concepts with the ‘Oh! Effect’. With that, students gain the blueprint to finding solutions to any Math or Science questions independently.

In 2009, a Private Tutoring Centre was set up to further help secondary students grasp concepts & their application to excel in their academic careers and in 2012, we started the Sri Emas International School building on the success and demand for an international school. Over the last 18 years we have educated students numbering in the thousands and these thousands are the living testimonies to the success of our programme today.

Engaging, Enjoyable and Exciting Learning Process

At ACE EdVenture, we believe learning should be a fun process. Entirely developed by our highly qualified and accredited team, our programme caters to that understanding with its unique approach: Every class and every subject offers an enjoyable, exciting and of course educational experience which lets your child understand and learn better.

Our teachers use a myriad learning and educational tools incorporating everything from simulations and games to activities and discussions which relate to the real world. This connection helps to make learning relevant and allows students to gain confidence in their work as well as build self-esteem.

Quality Learning Outcomes

At ACE EdVenture, we believe that education and learning are an engaging voyage of guided discovery and the underlying aim is to develop leadership capabilities in every student. We believe that quality learning outcomes are the result of a thorough understanding of adolescent characteristics, their methods of learning & comprehension as well as their social emotional attitudes. We believe in enabling students to think critically, analytically and independently.

Our teachers are selected with great care and trained to take a genuine and honest interest in students. Pastoral care is practiced by all teachers as part of the school culture to deliver and guide the personal development of all students.

“After all, they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -- John C. Maxwell

Diverse and Broad Scope of Materials

All our materials are sourced from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK as well as Singapore (for Maths) and naturally these materials cover a broader scope of the subjects. In turn, we are able to offer a more current and relevant angle on today’s society which will prove to be vital to students in making sense of their world on a bigger scale.

Our Programme forms the basis of Education in


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Shaping Lifelong Learners and Confident Communicators

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ACE EdVenture Programme is catered to students aged 6 - 17*

* Subject to learning centres