Dear Friends!

We’re getting the old band together again, so to say, and would love to be in touch with each and every one of you! This is the ACE EdVenture Programme Alumni sign-up page, just drop us your details and you’ll be the first to know about when we have our gatherings, yum cha sessions, what’s new and the likes! For an EdVenture you’ll never forget, it’s only right that we all stay in touch, no?

This family is forever and you’re a big part of it!

English Speech and Drama Centre
Math and Science Tuition
Pusat Tuisyen Sirius (IGCSE Full Time Tutoring Centre)
Sri Emas International School
Dwi Emas International School
Dwi Emas A Level Programme
Which ACE EdVenture Programme and Centre did you graduate from (Click all that apply)
Year Graduated from ACE EdVenture Programme at Form 5/Year 11
If you can recall, who was your teacher at Form 5? *Only for English/Math and Science Programme