Classroom Experience: The Normans are here!

Is there any better way to learn than by completely immersing yourself in the topic at hand? Probably not. So that's precisely what we like to do here at Sri Emas International School on a daily basis, and in any subject. Case in point: History class with Tr. Charles in year 7.  Our freshest batch of students has just made the big jump to secondary school a mere six weeks ago, and if they ever needed any adjustment period to ... Read more

The Dire Need for Financial Education

Being financially savvy is a core skill for life in modern society.  A core life skill. Accordingly, we have to ask the question why this core life skills has been largely cast aside by schools and left to chance that students might learn it somewhere along the line? We learn all kinds of things in school: The sciences, the languages, maths, the arts, physical education etc. But what about the kinds of things that any graduate will need to have a grasp on almost ... Read more

Teacher Feature: Tr. Bernie

If you’re a student at either PTS or Sri Emas, chances are you're familiar with Tr. Bernie who wears multiple hats in both schools, teaching English, Art & Design, as well as Geography. We sat down for a little chat to find out a little bit more about what motivates her, her life outside school and her passion for all things green. Enjoy!  Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up teaching in both ... Read more

Why Empathy Matters in School

image credit: Empathy - A little word, with a ton of meaning and certainly worth taking a closer look at since we somehow hear it a lot. The simplified interpretation tells us that empathy describes an ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Sounds good, right?  If it sounds like common sense to you, then chances are high that your moral compass is intact and finely tuned to the emotions of others and what they may be going through. We need empathy in ... Read more

Classroom Experience: Rocket Science

It IS rocket science! Cape Canaveral, Houston Space Centre, and now Sri Emas International School. One of these things is not like the others you might reckon, but our students beg to differ. In Year 10 Physics, there’s a lot of pressure. Not peer pressure or pressure to get good grades, but the kind of pressure which can make a home-built bottle rocket take off like, well, like a rocket!  In other words, the good kind of pressure. The ... Read more

Teacher Feature – Teachers CJ & Eugene

This month, we're doing not one, but two teachers on this Teacher Feature. If you haven't yet, meet the composed cool of this dynamic duo - Teachers CJ and Eugene. The princely pair (as you can well see) run the Financial Education program at Dwi Emas International School - Malaysia's First Entrepreneurial School. What's Financial Education about? Let's find out from them, shall we? Tell us a bit about yourselves. Eugene: I'm 32 this year. Was always in youth training before this ... Read more

Classroom Experience: Digestive Tour

Year 8 Bio is a challenge. Plenty of unknowns, new terminology, and tricky concepts which are sometimes a little hard to grasp and (sorry) digest stuffed into 4 short terms. Like with most subjects, on paper it all looks fine but the actual classroom experience often derails even the best of lesson plans.   Learning about the digestive tract and the individual organ's function is one of the many things covered in year 8 but how can we teachers make ... Read more

An App Day for the Ages

June 25 marked not only the first day of the year-end break for our August intake students, but also their very own App Day. For the uninitiated, this abbreviation stands for Appreciation and that’s exactly what this day’s about. It’s an opportunity for the kids to get on stage and show their parents, siblings, fellow students and teachers the kind of calibre of performances they’re capable of and this year was to be no different. What our August intake lacks ... Read more

Classroom Experience: Dramatic Basics

Most of us, if not all, love masterpieces of art. A finely performed concerto, a breath-taking painting, a dazzling theatre performance. What you’re not often told is what goes on behind the scenes that gets these artists to be that good. Drilling the basics. Over. And over. Again. Like with good old boring music scales. One commonality many arts share is the practice of muscle awareness and control, and drama is no exception. Meet the hosts of our drama lessons ... Read more