An App Day for the Ages

June 25 marked not only the first day of the year-end break for our August intake students, but also their very own App Day. For the uninitiated, this abbreviation stands for Appreciation and that’s exactly what this day’s about.

It’s an opportunity for the kids to get on stage and show their parents, siblings, fellow students and teachers the kind of calibre of performances they’re capable of and this year was to be no different.

What our August intake lacks in terms of numbers – a mere eight classes over 5 forms – the kids make up in creativity and talent. This year’s venue was Theatre KuAsh in Taman Tun, and the small hall proved to be just the right size.

MCs for the day were 10 Zolata’s Dimitrius as well as Jodi and Celine, of 10 Voski and all three did a fantastic job facilitating the afternoon.

It really isn’t possible to pick out just one of the performances because they were all great so we feel it’s only fair to highlight each one of them.

After the opening speech by Vice Principal Ivan, the vocals troupe under Tr. Aaron’s tutelage put on a great rendition of One Short Day from the Wicked the Musical  to kickstart the afternoon showcase.



Wicked 1.jpg

7 Voski put on an entertaining skit which saw the class dress up as mythical creatures having a sit-down council meeting. From Hobbits to Vampires, Orcs and Elves, this was an assembly of a different kind. Even with so many different species and beings, peace was being negotiated and ultimately prevailed. There’s a lesson in there somewhere for all of us.



Next up, the crowd was treated to Coldplay’s Fix You performed by our graduating students Rajpreet and Darren (both on vocals) as well as Imran (guitar) and Kent Xern on keyboard. Even though this performance was more or less a last minute decision by these four, it came across as well-rehearsed and got the crowd in the back row (Hello 11 Tangam and Zolata) to roar in appreciation.

fix you.jpg


No App Day would be complete without highlighting the academic feats our students have accomplished and first up were last year’s high achievers in their A level examinations, as well as this year’s athletes. Elizabeth Gemma Chung, Christine Lee and Serene Saw Jie En stood out for their A level results whereas Ivan Tan Zheng Hong, Mikki Pau and C’Kay Lee were honoured for the athletic achievements in MSSD competitions.

achievements 1.jpg


9 Voski’s medley of a performance saw everything from song & dance to an incredibly entertaining take on a scene from Disney’s The Lion King. You know, the Ah Zebenya song and even though the photos don’t really do it justice, it saw some of the loudest applause and laughs from the near-full house.

9voski 1.jpg


9voski 2.jpg


In school, we always ask our students to be flexible and prepared for anything and few things could do that mindset more justice than an improv skit. Calvin, Sabrina, Imran and Joshua put on a Sit, Stand, Lie sketch and boy, was it good! If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of performance, this classic requires no set script and the only demand is that at all times one actor must be either be sitting, standing or lying down. If one changes their state, so do the others accordingly. Hilarity ensues, always.

stand sit lie.jpg


Skills Enhancement at Sri Emas form an important part of school life and the Hip Hop kids were up next with some amazing performances, followed by the trio of Calvin, Jack and Terry with their take on Let your heart hold fast by Fort Atlantic. A tricky piece as an a cappella but the boys went all out and made it their own.

skills enhancements 1.jpg




More academic achievements were up next and our CEO & Group Founder Anne Tham handed out the awards for the high achieving kids from Year 7 through 11.


7voski achievers.jpg


8voski achievers.jpg


9voski achievers.jpg


10voski achievers.jpg


year 11 achievers.jpg


8 Voski’s dance performance got the crowd louder once again with an awesome little medley, dabbing their way into a raucous applause.


8 voski dab.jpg


If ever pressed on it, few people would be able to give a true definition of what art actually is and 7 Voski’s Chia Huey, Keegan and Ethan put on a little skit to highlight just that. Is it a dodgeball on a table or a masterpiece representing our blue little planet and humanity as a whole? Well, it’s both essentially, just depends on who you ask.

10 Voski’s Celine got the audience into a more pensive mood with a beautiful solo ballet performance. Really good stuff!

celine solo.jpg


As a class, 10 Voski got together for an absolutely hilarious skit about a family coming together at Chinese New Year and all the little family dramas which that entails. Their audience was certainly entertained, maybe because we all could recognize some of the characters from our own families. Very, very entertaining.

10 voski skit.jpg


Our newly formed Band Club followed with a spot-on cover of Sean Mendez’ hit In Stitches with Keegan on the keys (tee hee), Maya slappin’ the bass, Estee and Andrea on vocals, Samantha as well as Zoe in charge of percussions and Cassandra on guitar. An awesome version and it’s even more impressive if you consider just how young this band is!

band club.jpg


More improv was next with Sabrina, Imran, Calvin and Joshua once again taking the stage. This time, the skit was called Freeze and at any time only three actors will be on stage. A fourth will enter the fray by shouting ‘Freeze’, tapping someone on the shoulder signifying they’re out of the play for the moment and the new ensemble will have to continue with a new actor. You can probably imagine the comedic genius being borne out of these mechanics. Once again, an absolutely side-splittingly funny performance that had the crowd doubled over in laughter.

improv 2.jpg


Rouxuan (8 Voski) and Maya (10 Voski) put on the final performance of the night with a lovely duet of For Good also of Wicked the Musical fame. Finally, 10 Zolata surprised the teachers in the house not with a performance, but by handing out roses to each one of them.


AppDay is always a day full of emotions and we’d like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this year’s such a wonderful event. It goes without saying that the people working behind the scenes under the watchful eyes of their Skills Enhancement teachers also deserve special mention for their efforts, too. To the audience, the entire afternoon went without hiccups and it’s all thanks to the folks operating behind the curtains and from the sound & light booths. Well done!   

le fin.jpg

To the Year 7’s through 10’s, here’s to a great summer break and we look forward to seeing you again come August. To our graduating class, nothing but the best for what’s ahead and don’t be strangers!