Classroom Experience: Rocket Science

It IS rocket science!

Cape Canaveral, Houston Space Centre, and now Sri Emas International School.
One of these things is not like the others you might reckon, but our students beg to differ.
In Year 10 Physics, there’s a lot of pressure. Not peer pressure or pressure to get good grades, but the kind of pressure which can make a home-built bottle rocket take off like, well, like a rocket! 

In other words, the good kind of pressure. The kind you can generate by compressing the particles in a container, for which there certainly must be adequate terms and an appropriate equation, both of which we’ll leave for someone else to delve into. It’s all about having a cracking good time while applying what you’ve learned to a real-life scenario.

So how about a scenario where you’re planning, building and fiddling with your own launch pad, rockets, and fins and working it out through trial and error? How about yes! That’s exactly what 10 Voski set out to do, just like all Year 10’s here at some point in their Physics class.

In small teams of rocket engineers/scientists/inventors, they tinkered and tested, and tested and tinkered before settling on some ground-breaking designs. Some with fins to reduce drag, some with tried-and-tested engineering solutions (read: duct tape and glue) to increase aerodynamic performances but they all had one trait in common: Making something out of nothing through teamwork, research and ambition. Here’s how it went:

L-R: Yeong Jiunn, Adam & Jodi fiddle with some final pre-launch mechanics.


The nightmare of any business owner doubles as Cassandra’s ingenious scheme to track the flight path: red tape.


Sean showing some serious hustle in bringing in the launch pad framework.


Raja Adam casually showcasing his group’s rocket while also calling for world peace.  Note the triple fin and duct tape ensemble which will hopefully ensure a controlled lift-off.

What goes up must come down, the common adage goes and these rockets were no different. Some of them managed to clear a good 18m on their maiden flights and the valiant efforts of all groups sent the collective motivation levels right through the roof!
The 4th Sri Emas Rocket Launch saw some amazing contraptions with the highest arc being recorded by the aptly-named ‘Big One’, which managed to land on the roof of our building, after clearing it by about 10 feet.
All in all, another successful day for our 10 Voskis and their teacher Donovan, in the pursuit of making the sciences fun, exactly how they should be.