Classroom Experience: The Normans are here!

Is there any better way to learn than by completely immersing yourself in the topic at hand? Probably not. So that's precisely what we like to do here at Sri Emas International School on a daily basis, and in any subject. Case in point: History class with Tr. Charles in year 7. 

Our freshest batch of students has just made the big jump to secondary school a mere six weeks ago, and if they ever needed any adjustment period to how things are done here, they didn't show it one bit! So what's all this about then, you may ask? Well, in a nutshell, it's the Battle of Hastings, 'relived' in the hallways of our school!

For the uninitiated - or those of us who may have forgotten what we've learned in history class all those years (eons!) ago - it was the battle for the crown of England, when Edward the Confessor died without an obvious heir in 1065. Duke William of Normandy wanted to claim the throne but Harold had already been crowned! And voilà, arguably one of the most important battles in the history of England was set to begin and would take place at Hastings.

7 Chrysos were one of our six year 7's to take on the challenge of recreating the battle on their terms, with the class split in half to act as both sides of this battle:

The two armies were in such close proximity that they actually shouted rude things at each other, perfectly depicted here (and all in good fun, of course).

Archers played a big role in the battle, in Hastings as well as in Sri Emas!

Both sides of the warring armies would fight bravely and with the well-being of their classmates in mind. At least here in school!

The battle at Hastings ended when Harold lost his life to the invaders; the battle at Sri Emas ended when both sides shook hands and returned to class to continue their learning journey with the next task already set: Building a model of a modern day castle with all the trimmings! 

Thank you to 7 Gold and Tr. Charles for letting us take a glimpse into their History classes!

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See you next time here with more stories of student and teacher life at Sri Emas!