Teacher Feature – Tr. Charles

For this month’s Teacher Feature, we’re taking a closer look at one of the more colourful characters among the faculty, and that’s saying something! If you’ve followed the classroom experience series, you might already be familiar with Tr. Charles. This History and Bio teacher is tireless in his efforts to make learning fun and exciting for his students and few days go by where you won’t find him and his classes taking the lesson plan out of the classroom and ... Read more

5 things To Do During The Holidays – Student Edition

Term breaks are lovely. School work disappears in the rear view mirror and you have the time and space to decompress, which you should. How you go about that though makes a big difference and since everyone loves lists so much these days, here’s our very own for 5 things you can do these holidays. Sleep - Not kidding, get some sleep. While researchers haven’t entirely figured it out, it’s absolutely certain that sleep brings with it some awesome benefits. A ... Read more

Growing People, Not Just Students

At ACE EdVenture, we grow people, not just students. We know all too well what it’s like to be told we’re not good enough; we needed to be more like a sibling, cousin, or friend. Each student is gifted in ways we may not understand at first. Each with their own skills and abilities acquired from the small choices they make each day, leading up to who they are today. Skills and abilities they don’t recognize as their superpower because ... Read more

Teacher Feature: Tr. Ivan

  Late last week, we sat down with our very own Ivan Se Hoo for a little Q&A session, a friendly banter  of sorts, in effort to put a little more context to someone who’s been with Sri Emas ever since we  started. The 32 year-old Physics and Chemistry teacher just recently made the jump into his new role  as Vice Principal at Sri Emas after having taught here for the past 4 years.    Tell us a little ... Read more

Infopreneurship - Turn your hobbies into cashflow!

Something special coming up for both our Dwi Emas kids and wider community! Our mentor, Dave Rogers, will be conducting a 3 hour Infopreneurship Program for Dwi Emas on 9th April 9am-12pm for DE students, and 10th April, 2pm-5pm for our alumni, teachers, and parents.   Check out the full details of the event here!   Infopreneurship is basically, using the internet to run businesses from the collection and dissemination of information. We’ve talked before about how technology just is ... Read more

Astro Battleground - Going out with a pop and a bang!

“Great dancers are not great because of their techniques, they are great because of their passion”, a saying we stand by at our schools. It isn’t often that we see students going all out to unleash their talents especially in the case of  Hip-Hop. Yet, our students from the ACE EdVenture Dance Crew (AEVDC) have once again been invited to collaborate with  Astro Battleground, one of the most competitive dance competitions in South East Asia: the top 2 dance ... Read more

It's Business Time!!

What time is it? It’s Business Time! It’s our annual Economics-Accounts Joint Project where our Year 11 students craft and run their own business! It’s going on for another two weeks so be sure to check them out! We want a business simulation for our students, on a scale of their familiar surroundings, yet beyond their comfort zone. Teaching them how businesses work and what goes into managing one. Our kids are offered so much more when they experience for ... Read more

Making Education Relevant

Have you ever spoken to someone, and found they listened more when you related to them instead of getting them to relate to you? It does flow that much easier when you’re working with, and not against someone! We’re on the same page when we make learning relevant for our students. The learning process works better when we engage students where they are, and don’t fight them where we don’t have to.   We’re all familiar with the view that ... Read more

Chemcaper @ Tokyo Game Show’ 15!

From 17 - 20th September, the team traveled to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show 2015! Although the name may suggest that the game show is held in the heart of Tokyo, the show was held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba which was quite a distance from the city of Tokyo. Tokyo Game Show is divided into ‘Public Day’ and ‘Business Day’. Business Day which falls on the first 2 days of the event is limited to those in the game business ... Read more