Sri Emas Science Fair 2015

Just last week, our annual Science Fair was held here at Sri Emas and saw scores of Year 11 students showcase their experiments. Everything from sound waves and magnetic fields to gravity and inertia, the student-designed experiments were an all-star assemble of concepts and theories from the sciences. Over 24 individual stations the students impressed their crowds not only with their in-depth knowledge of the concepts, but also with the ingenuity of their experiments and devices.       Playing ... Read more

Sri Emas and PTS Students Shine at the Sunway Science Games Day

The Science Games Day is a multi-event science-based competition, with potential engineers from several schools coming together to show off their science skills!     The day started with water bottle rocket launches and elastic band car races, with the points awarded based on each team’s performance. Each team turned up on the day of the competition with their homebuilt vehicles, constructed prior to the competition day, before putting them head-to-head in search of the best designed vehicles that could cover the ... Read more