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Our international schools are recognized learning centres of excellence, offering the ACE EdVenture Programme method of teaching in a full-facility school. Our experienced and Ace EdVenture-qualified passionate cadre of educationists seeks to help our students grow into lifelong learners, independent thinkers, and the leaders of tomorrow.

Sri Emas International School

At the helm of Sri Emas is an experienced and deeply passionate cadre of educationists seeking to nurture young people into future leaders. With a proven track record of over 18 years in education, continuously over-delivering and ensuring meaningful learning experiences for students, Sri Emas is held in high regard in the community.

Our educators at Sri Emas are a dynamic group of professionals who take pride in standing as mentors and friends, providing guidance and support to students through their journey of discovery and learning. Every teacher here goes the extra mile to give students an effective and memorable learning experience and it is their training and skill sets which allow them to deliver engaging lessons and handle the diversity found in each classroom. Our teachers enjoy what they do, they are aware of and open to constantly improving the evolving responsibilities they hold in educating the new generation of thinkers and leaders.

In doing so, Sri Emas’ experienced staff of educationists successfully prepares students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) with an approach that goes beyond the archaic education paradigm.

Our learning process teaches and challenges students to engage, ask questions, solve problems and make deliberate and thoughtful decisions. Enabling students to become better thinkers and independent lifelong learners is the underlying foundation upon which the ACE EdVenture Programme is built on.

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Dwi Emas International School

The primary level of Dwi Emas has had its soft opening in January 2014 with classes filling up quickly throughout all 6 standards. Offering a blend of the internationally renowned IPC and the immensely successful ACE EdVenture Programme, the school offers your children a complete education for a great start to their journey in learning.

Dwi Emas forms another jewel in the ACE EdVenture crown and offers a first in Malaysian secondary education yet again: Covering concepts which are usually not part of any curriculum at this level, Financial Education, Branding & Marketing & Entrepreneurship are only but a few of the topics and models Dwi Emas places emphasis on. Naturally, our school prepares your children for Cambridge’s IGCSE examinations with a rigorous academic programme in tandem with this fresh approach to high school learning.

Anchored by the fact that education cannot be stagnant to be relevant for children of today, the school embraces its role as a pioneer through precisely such forward thinking courses. With the success of our programme as the foundation, Dwi Emas offers a strong focus on cultivating and nurturing the entrepreneurial drive in our students, balanced with the x’s and o’s of academia as well as the interpersonal skills so vital for success in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Come 2015, all classes will be held at our state-of-the-art campus in Shah Alam, Selangor.

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Sri Emas International School

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Dwi Emas International School