Maths & Science Tuition Centre

Insight Learning on every level.

Classes at our Tuition Centre bring mathematical & scientific concepts down to earth. However daunting they might seem to begin with, your child will experience what we like to call the ‘Oh’ Effect’. The focus is on the concept and the application thereof, engaging your children in a way which makes learning fun and easy.

ACE EdVenture Programme is catered to students aged 6 - 17*

* Subject to learning centres

Courses Offered

Malaysian Syllabus (SPM) IGCSE Year 7 & 8 IGCSE Year 9, 10 & 11
Maths (Cheras Only) Maths Physics
Add Maths (Cheras Only) Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) Biology
Science (Cheras Only) Chemistry
- Add Maths

Course Fee

  Begin End Weeks IGCSE

Add Maths


Years 7 & 8 Years 7 & 8 Years 10 & 11 Years 10 & 11
Term 1 2 Jan (Wed) 1 Feb (Fri) 11 RM 770 Rm 790 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials) RM 880 RM 900 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials)
CNY holidays 4 Feb (Mon) to 10 Feb (Sun)
11 Feb (Mon) 22 Mar (Fri)
Holiday 23 Mar (Sat) to 31 Mar (Sun)
Term 2 1 Apr (Mon) 24 May (Fri) 8 RM 560 RM 580 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials)  RM 640  RM 660 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials)
Holiday 25 May (Sat) to 9 June (Sun)
Term 3 10 June (Mon) 9 Aug (Fri) 9 RM 630 RM 650 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials)  RM 720 RM 740 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials)
Holiday 10 Aug (Sat) to 18 Aug (Sun)
Term 4 19 Aug (Mon) 23 Oct (Wed) 12 RM 840  RM 860 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials)  RM 960  RM 980 (inclusive of RM20 for lab materials)
Deepavali Holidays 24 Oct (Thu) to 30 Oct (Wed)
31 Oct (Thu)  21 Nov (Thu)

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  • For Maths & Science Subang Jaya, cheques are to be made payable to Ace Kiwon Edu-Services Sdn. Bhd.
  • Classes are STILL ONGOING during PUBLIC HOLIDAYS (except for the CNY, Deepavali and Hari Raya holidays as stated above) unless there are alternate requests.
  • Should parents have any queries, please contact the Learning Centre Directors of the relevant centres.
  • MATHS & SCIENCE class - available in Subang Jaya and Cheras only.