The Only Way Forward is to Transform

In today’s fast changing world, being only academically qualified doesn’t make the cut anymore. It’s common that graduates end up being mediocre in the workforce. Worse still, some struggle to even find stability and security.

In order to “Future Focus” the next generation, our Passionate Educators aim beyond just getting our students to score Straight As. They keep their student’s Personal Transformation at the center of our Education Philosophy—Unleashing their Greatness.

This spirit started from our Founder, Teacher Anne Tham, 26 years ago. Today, our 2 International Schools are Globally Recognised as a benchmark: the Best Practitioners of a World-Class Education by Cambridge University Student Union.

How do we do it?

When we committed to Maximising our Students’ Human Potential, we innovated ways to embed Leadership Skills, Personal Development, Mindset and Entrepreneurial Skills in all our Academic Curriculum.

It didn’t stop there, we created a whole Transformational Education Ecosystem, a synergy of Conscious Business Leaders and Academic Innovators, supported by a team of teachers who are Real-World Industry Experts. 

When our students leave school, we want them to have what it takes to excel academicallyand more importantly the character and qualities to be a Leader of the FutureCreative, Confident and Savvy.

As a truly progressive education group, we’ve embarked on many EdVentures: Creating the Multi-Award Winning Chemistry Adventure Game, ChemCaper, and being the first school in the world to teach NatureTech through our ACE EdVenture Biosphere delivered at Dwi Emas International School.

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Our Transformational Education Ecosystem

Just like how every child is unique in their own way. Our Education Ecosystem ensures that our schools are not Cookie Cutters and offer unique (if not magical) experiences for our students!

ACE Achievements

2023: Featured in The Book of King Charles III

The Leadership Vision of a Modern Monarch

2022: Featured in Her Majesty The Queen

The Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album

2021: Featured in the British Parliament

300 Years of Leadership & Innovation – Volume 1

Rated 96% by Education Alliance Finland (EAF)

World Class Education is also honed by World Class Teachers. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world. Their approach is holistic involving both academic and personal development of the child. Our Homegrown Teacher Training Programme that prepares our teachers to nurture your children was recently certified by Education Alliance Finland (EAF) with an Outstanding score of 96%.

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA)

To create the Best Education Experience for your children, we knew that creating a happy environment is crucial. That includes the humans in our company—our Teachers and non-Academic personnel. We go to lengths to ensure that our team has a great working environment. That continuous commitment and was recognised by The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA). Our Founder Anne Tham was awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 In recognition of her inspiring leadership.


Ace EdVenture was built on the spirit and values of Entrepreneurship. It started from a single Teacher and Mum with a class 6 students in a dining room into, 8 English Language centers, 3 international schools, 200 staff, and thousands of students. For that, The Ace EdVenture Group was inducted into Endeavor after a stringent selection process among 50,000 other companies. We are proud to be acknowledged as one of the 31 education companies in this prestigious global network. As such, your children in our schools have access to this network. And they are equipped with the same practical skills that helped us grow to where we are today and beyond, real world applicable skills—not theories.

Cambridge University Students' Union

Sending your child to our schools means they are receiving World Class Education. For the last 5 years, we’ve continued to be recognised for the Best Practice and World Class Education Sections by the highly esteemed Cambridge University Students’ Union—Making Sri Emas and Dwi Emas the benchmark and Guide to Excellence for other Education Institutions.

Dear Parents,

Like you, I am also a parent. I’m a mother to two beautiful daughters, Erica and Grace. I understand when I look into education, most parents are looking to help their children score straight As so that their futures are secured.

However, when I entered the workforce 4 decades ago. I realised that grades didn’t secure our future. In fact, I noticed many straight As or distinction level students struggle to create stability in their lives and that experience is also shared by just as many non-academically inclined individuals. That got me thinking there must be other criteria that determine success and not academic results.

The evidence was clear when I taught my college students. I was appalled that even after 11 Years learning English, 80% did not have mastery over the language. I also noticed that many of them didn’t have the real world skills to cope with what life has to throw at them.

So I asked myself the question, “What are the most important skills I must nurture in my children so that I can have peace of mind when they grow up and enter the workforce?”

As I embarked on growing my business, the ACE EdVenture English classes, I had the opportunity to meet and speak to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners—basically people who create jobs in the economy. It only confirmed my suspicions: Academic Qualifications only provide the basis of getting a job. But what really enables graduates to eventually thrive and shine, to get hired for leadership positions, to add massive value and be appreciated in the real world are Non-Academic Skills—Handling Stress, Interpersonal Relationships, the Creativity to solve major problems and Innovation, turning ideas into reality.

These are some of the traits that are highly sought after in the industry. Yet they were not the areas of focus for education then, and, sadly, even now. It’s such a waste because studies show that the best time to shape these qualities are before 12 years old. This presents a great opportunity because these are the years a child spends up to a third of their lives in school.

As an educator, I felt that we have failed our children because the typical classroom environment doesn’t encourage the nurturing of these traits. Worse still, it actually creates students who are mediocre employees struggling to make a living and to keep up with inflation.

So 26 Years ago, I decided to take matters into my own hands to nurture my daughters and students to be “Future Focused”.

I started off conducting English Tuition at my dining table with 6 students. It eventually spun off to grow into our first school, Sirius Scholar in our neighbourhood USJ 1. In all my lessons, whether it’s English or Mathematics – I instil Entrepreneurial Skills and Character Building Skills while they learn the Academic Syllabus.

Reflecting back on the last two and a half decades, I’m happy that my team and I have helped tens of thousands of students do well in their exams and equipped them with unconventional study methods that allowed them to do well in University.

But where I am really proud as a Teacher and Mother is this: Our decision to focus on Character Building and Personal Transformation has supported our students to be leaders of organisations and build successful businesses. Essentially, creating Leaders of Tomorrow.

So, we mean it when we say that we have your Children’s Transformation at the heart of everything that we do.

If you are reading up to this point and haven’t experienced our school, I would love to extend an open invitation to you and your children to experience a free trial at any of our schools. Just drop us a message and one of our Consultants will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to seeing you in our school.

Yours Sincerely,
Mother, Teacher,
Founder of the ACE EdVenture Group

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Anne Tham

Anne is the Founder and CEO of the ACE EdVenture group. In her 30 year experience as an educator and entrepreneur, she is acutely aware of the need for education to be pulled into the future. Her passion and vision lies in delivering Transformational Education that prepares all students for a future of uncertainty through practical entrepreneurial skills.

Mike Handcock

Mike is an entrepreneur and Founder of Circle of Excellence (previously known as Rock Your Life) where he's been a business mentor and friend to ACE EdVenture since 2007. His overall goal is to create the number one team of conscious leaders on the planet. Mike also draws from his vast arsenal of business experience as a speaker in talking leadership with any organisation on the planet.

Professor Kirsti Lonka

Dr. Kirsti has been a Professor of Educational Psychology at University of Helsinki, Finland, since 2005, is involved in several strategic projects revolving around education, and is a published author of several articles. She is a popular keynote speaker all around the world and areas of specialty include higher education and teacher education. She is currently working on innovations for higher education and engaging learning environments.

Colin Brown

Colin brings sales, product development, operations, marketing and partnership experience for companies across 16 countries as well as a large network of relationships and sponsorship deals in multinational cities such as Sydney, Auckland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and London.

Our ACEs

Our ACEs

Stuart Patton

Stuart's been a Director in UK SMEs, Corporate Business Development Director in a large private Euro company, and Business Development Director in a very successful privately owned Hong Kong company. He's worked in many countries in the world especially Asia for the last 19 years in Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia, he is associated with many Finnish EdTech companies. Fundamentally he is a big picture thinker and strategist with an interest in maximising human potential through education and its relevance to the future of work.



Dr. Richard Claydon

Dr. Richard’s the Co-Founder and CEO of Organisational Misbehaviourists. His work examines how people handle the complexity and ambiguity of modern organisational life. His work also examines how original thought emerges in fast-changing, highly uncertain, often toxic environments via resilient coping methods such as irony and black humour to address the problem of organisational misbehaviour in the pursuit of good decision-making in complex organisational environments. His work has been described as “a touchstone for future work in management”.

Melinda Lim

Melinda is the Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of ACE EdVenture. An engineer by training, she carved a greater purpose using her talent and skill in delivering the maths and sciences in ways where students go from "hating the subject" to "absolutely loving it". She runs a tight ship ensuring all of ACE EdVenture's teachers uphold its standards and methodology so students love coming to school.

Landi Jac

Landi has also been a business mentor and friend to ACE EdVenture together with Mike in Circle of Excellence. She is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, part of a conglomerate of 5 international companies that has collectively impacted 300,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.

Clinton Swaine

Clinton is the founder, owner, and lead trainer of Frontier Trainings – The World Leader in Experiential Business Trainings. For the past 9 years, he has taught on many of the top stages around the globe with world renowned speakers including T. Harv Eker and Brian Tracy, to name a few. He has created the largest curriculum of experiential content in the industry with a global reach. With over 200 unique games, exercises, and processes which teach a vast range of business, personal development and speaking skills, he is widely recognised as the leader in his field.

Simplicio Michael Luis ("M")

With over 25 years in fashion design and branding, Simplicio Michael Luis ("M") initially taught at FIDM, a Project Runway partner institution. Prior to his teaching role, "M" contributed his skills to a Fortune 500 designer streetwear company in Los Angeles, building a vast global network with manufacturers, designers, sales showrooms, and fashion PR firms. This network proves vital as "M" works on impactful projects for celebrities like Britney Spears and Snoop Dogg, and corporations such as Puma, Red Bull, BMW, and Ferrari.