ACE Alumni

Ahhhh our EdVenturers… Our pride and joy! Many of our graduates sail out to the world to explore the seven seas and uncover hidden treasure. Okay… They’re not pirates but so many of them are head-hunted and hold leadership positions in the corporate world. Equally, they are also thriving in the creative industries like singing and dancecareers that most parents are opposed to because it’s challenging to make a living. They attribute their successes to the headstart they had in our Education Ecosystem.

Freedom to Learn


The way we are taught and how the programme is planned out with coursework makes the learning way more interactive. It’s very two-way so not only do teachers question us, but we also learn how to ask good questions. The coursework incorporates a lot of real-life situations for us to figure out and I’ve learned so many skills from this.

Social Intelligence


I feel that the best thing that Sri Emas does with its learning culture is that they encourage students to be creative, to be novel, things that people wouldn’t think about. There were so many instances where we were encouraged to think outside the box… in fact not just outside the box, think as if there were no box. There were boundless opportunities to create and to present.

Nurturing Talent and Confidence


When I entered Sri Emas, I joined the Hip-Hop Programme and started learning about dance. I feel that through dance, I was able to learn to be more confident and courageous. At first, I was afraid to ask questions and I did badly at presentations. But through dance, I learnt to be more confident and that actually helped with my academic skills.

Positioned to Influence

Teck Yu

I really have to say that Sri Emas was a huge turning point for me. I used to be a real ruffian before coming to Sri Emas. I could barely speak English and was terrible in my studies. I’d been in 8 schools but couldn’t find a fit because I was always causing trouble. Coming here, it was so different. It felt like home and I didn’t feel pressured to get everything right.

Written Testimonials from Parents

Calling all EdVenturers!

Yes we’re talking about you ACE graduates out there! Do keep in touch with us as there is a powerful network here for your businesses and other things.