A programme built on the understanding that we all have unique methods of learning and comprehension. A programme focused on tailoring education to each student's individual approach to problem solving and application.
A programme unlike any other. ACE EdVenture looks back on 19 years of revolutionising education in Malaysia.

Education 2.0 - The ACE EdVenture Programme.

19 Years of Education Experience | Engaging, Enjoyable and Exciting Learning Process

At ACE EdVenture, we believe learning should be a fun process.
Entirely developed by our highly qualified and accredited team, our programme caters to that understanding with its unique approach: Every class and every subject offers an enjoyable, exciting and of course educational experience which lets your child understand and learn better. Our teachers use a myriad learning and educational tools incorporating everything from simulations and games to activities and discussions which relate to the real world. This connection helps to make learning relevant and allows students to gain confidence in their work as well as build self-esteem.

Our Programme forms the basis of education in

International Schools

Our international schools are recognized learning centres of excellence, offering the ACE EdVenture Programme method of teaching in a full-facility school. Our passionate cadre of educationists seeks to help our students grow into lifelong learners, independent thinkers and the leaders of tomorrow.

English Language Centre

At ACE EdVenture we profoundly believe in the importance of students learning to speak confidently in public. It is a skill which separates a good candidate from a great one and absolutely vital in today’s world.

Maths & Science Tuition Centre

Classes at our Tuition Centre bring mathematical & scientific concepts down to earth. However daunting they might seem to begin with, your child will experience what we like to call the ‘Oh’ Effect’. The focus is on the concept and the application thereof, engaging your children in a way which makes learning fun and easy.

Sirius Scholar Private Tutoring Centre

Classes are catered to students understanding the concept and application of various subjects, in an engaging and intelligent process of learning, all in line with the ACE EdVenture Programme.