Happy Holidays 2015! (To Our January Intake Students)

We’re often stumped on what to do during the holidays. When asked, probable answers include “watching TV”, “eating”, and “catching up on sleep”, sound familiar? While these are definitely good to an extent, there’s a larger pool of possibilities out there! Here are some ideas for what to do with the time you have:

1. Keep up with old friends

Take some time to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while! Remember: friendships don’t end just because, they end because we let them.

Sometimes we’re a little shy or afraid to say “hi” to someone we haven’t spoken to in years, and that’s normal – your teachers experience the same things too! Life has to go on, and you don’t get the chance to keep up with everyone, but chances are the core of your friendship hasn’t changed.

Reconnect, share experiences with each other, have a good laugh over the past, and let this new old friendship blossom into the future!

2. Pickup something new

Look up something you didn’t know you didn’t know, take up a new language, read a book from a genre you’ve never tried, play a new sport.

Expanding your horizons even just a little bit will open doors you never knew existed in the future. It’s a great way to keep your mind and body active during the holidays, which certainly helps the pangs of dread and lethargy we sometimes feel towards the end of the holidays.

3. Work on a personal project

Remember to keep your passions close to you! Set aside some time each day, or at least every other day, to work on your own interests and projects. Always wanted to write a book? Wanted to practice coding? Do it! Don’t be afraid even if you might not be sure of everything.

If your “Why” is strong, you’ll find the “How” along the way! If you ever get stuck or lost, Google is a great place to start.

4. Take up a part-time job

If you upper form students are itching for something more adventurous, get out on the street and look for a part-time job serving others and adding value to their lives. Those of us who have been in the service industry find it a humbling experience, and a challenging one in connecting with different kinds of customers.

It’s a time that will show you the good, and sometimes unpleasant side of people; you’ll learn what it takes to handle different types of people well. People skills are invaluable whichever field you choose to pursue.

So yes, pick up some new people skills, polish existing ones, and get paid to do it!

Last, and certainly not least…

5. Plan some family time

Our parents with their busy schedules, coupled with our own hours, can make it easy to forget to spend time with the closest people to us.

Plan a meal together, have everyone prepare their own dish for the family. Or something even simpler like playing cards together. It’s all about putting a personal touch to personal time together, and it doesn’t have to involve spending money!

These are just a few ideas to fill your holidays with meaningful experiences to take with you. Whichever way you spend your holidays, and as we do here, ALWAYS have fun!