Welcome & Happy New Year 2016!

Stationery? Check.

Textbooks? Check.

Uniform? Check.

These are some of the things that pop into the minds of most parents and students while ushering the New Year; signalling also the beginning of yet another school year, and the cultivation of new relationships.

First off, we, the ACE EdVenture family, would like to grab this opportunity to once again wish all our parents and students an awesome Happy New Year (though belated, better late than never!) and welcome aboard!

Flashing back on memory lane since Sri Emas International School started out in 2012: our first Orientation Day, we welcomed 60 new students. This year, our number of new students has grown to 172!

It’s been our practice to hold Orientation Day a day before school starts. This way, our fresh faces get to meet their new classmates while getting acquainted with some of their other veteran school mates in advance. New parents are welcomed and taken through the motions of the ACE culture and direction by our principal, vice principal, and admin team. What’s an orientation without “ice breakers” carried out by our pumped-full-of-energy teachers! These really open up opportunities for students to begin the process of working with each other and fostering relationships among new friends.

Now, we just want to briefly touch on something we mentioned at the beginning, “new relationships”; building relationships are part an essential part of our culture, and that includes our students!

Our freshies might not see it just yet, but as they familiarise themselves with ACE, they will find that fostering quality relationships during their time here in their coursework, activities, and having a ton of fun forms unbreakable bonds with their peers that last a lifetime and weather any storm. Likewise, that’s what we love to have with our parents too.

Building quality relationships is at the ACE EdVenture core and with that, we would like to thank you for believing in us and welcome you aboard this EdVenture with all of us 🙂

One more thing. Sense of humour and fun? Double check!

We’ll leave you with some photos captured during our Orientation Day 2016 at Sri Emas International School!