17-year-old Dwi Emas Graduate Ready to Take on the World!

From organising events to running multiple start-ups, down-to-earth 17-year-old, Ng Wei Kiet, is a hard worker who dislikes being idle.

Since schooling days, he was always on the move and trained to multitask. He would study for exams, organise events and work on design projects for Webster Design, a company he founded when he was 15.

After graduating in 2019, he interned at Dwi Emas International School in two marketing roles. Enthusiastic and passionate about life, Wei Kiet would jump at any opportunity to make a difference.

In mid-2020, Wei Kiet was supposed to pursue his studies in Dublin International Foundation College, Ireland. Because of COVID-19 and a worldwide travel restriction, he had to put his plans on hold.

While he continued his internship, he founded Cerex, a T-shirt design company, with a purpose to spread uplifting messages especially during the pandemic.

For this start-up, Wei Kiet worked with Germans to bring the T-shirts to the American, European and ASEAN market.

“Although I’m aiming to be an IT Consultant, I want to open more start-ups in future,” said Wei Kiet.

It’s the best way to bring the two things he loves together – IT and entrepreneurship. Both these skills were developed in Dwi Emas International School, the first entrepreneur school in Malaysia. Wei Kiet fell in love with coding—Arduino, Python and Raspberry Pi—when he was exposed to these programmes in his ICT class.

“I like coding because it challenges me to have a logical thinking process. When it comes to coding, I can be rather disorganised in my thought process. Coding forces me to reorganise my thoughts or everything will go wrong,” he added.

“Combined with my love to talk to people and help others, being an IT Consultant will be a perfect job for me because not everyone has technical knowledge. I want to help them, give back to society and impact others’ lives for the better.”

Late 2020, after a few months delay, Wei Kiet finally left for Ireland to pursue Foundation in Engineering and Technology. It will be a long time before we meet him again and we shall definitely miss him dearly.