Adapt or Get Left Behind

That is the reality we live today. It took a pandemic to push in the inevitable and leave those unprepared no choice but to adapt.

But why wait ‘till there are no other options? Always understand how the world is changing before it makes that change for you. As an entrepreneur, always have Plan A, B, C, D in order to react to change.

What sets apart entrepreneurs and businessmen who fail is the willingness to learn and stay curious. As long as you are willing to see what the new trend is and adapt your business to fit that trend, you can create and continue your business. It does not matter which industry you are in. The industry that makes the most money is one that will survive.

We used to make fun of ‘the Jack of All Trades’. Specialisation was the way to go.

The world does not work that way anymore.

Today, what the world needs is a generalist. Even celebrities who started out singing don’t just sing. They have to host TV shows, learn to play an instrument, write songs and dance. If they sang someone else’s song, they’d never be a Rockstar. That’s how the world is.

Businesses are now looking for generalists. The more you know, the more things you can do for the business. Back then, when you are an engineer, you are an engineer. Today, you’re required to be creative, understand design to know enough about engineering on top being an engineer.

Does our education system today prepare our children to face the world that demands all these from them?

While the younger people are more equipped because this is their world and they were born in a world with the internet, it’s the older generation that’s running the school. This explains the disconnect in education.

We are now in a transition period where many schools that did not adapt to the tech revolution are now struggling. Having said that, while tech is growing, it’s also isolating people. The next trend is to humanise it, bring people and socialising back.

That’s why in education, there’s this hybrid system that balances social-distance learning in open or outdoor spaces with online learning. It’s important for the child’s education and their mental health.

In short, if COVID-19 has taught us anything at all, it is the willingness to react and adapt. Always remain curious and remain flexible, whether or not you’re an entrepreneur.

But especially when you’re an entrepreneur.

Michael Herrera
Celebrity Fashion Designer,
Digital Nomad & M the Movement Founder.